Whether it's around the stars, or cartoon animation image, put it into various fields and materials, toys, clothes, electronic products, household products, bedding and so on, it's easy to be sought after by everyone!

      When it comes to bedding, it not only has rich colors, materials and styles, but also has a large age span and a wide audience. Some Japanese second-order anime images, girl soldiers, Snoopy, Sesame Street, etc., are all our favorites. And their color patterns are realized through digital printing. What is digital printing? Let's study with Xiaobian!
What is digital printing?
      Digital printing is a kind of printing with digital technology. First, the pattern is input to the computer in digital form, edited and processed by the computer printing color separation and tracing system (CAD), and then the special dye solution is directly sprayed on the textile by the micro piezoelectric ink jet nozzle controlled by the computer to form the required pattern.

    According to different dyestuffs, printing can be divided into "coating, activity, dispersion" and so on. According to printing process, printing can be divided into "roller printing", "active printing", "transfer printing" and "digital printing". Digital printing is one of the most popular printing processes nowadays.

Features of digital printing
1. Digital printing dye is inkjet on demand, which reduces the waste of chemical products and the discharge of waste water; when inkjet, the noise is low, it is quiet and clean, without environmental pollution, so as to realize the green production process.
2. The printing process simplifies the tedious process, cancels the complex screen making and color matching and sizing process of the traditional printing, greatly reduces the cost of receiving orders and proofing, and enables quick delivery and timely delivery.
3. High degree of process automation, whole process computer control, network can be used to realize the e-commerce of textile production and sales.
4. The production flexibility is strong, which shows that the printing material is flexible, without the limitation of color and return, which can make the textile fabric achieve the effect of high-grade printing; the printing quantity is flexible, especially suitable for small batch, multi variety and personalized production, and the printing is easy to organize.
5. Colorful and vivid colors, high printing precision.