At the initial stage of the active non steam cleaning technology, the joy brought to Liang Yongsheng disappeared immediately, followed by a lot of questions. During the interview, Liang Yongsheng said that they were even called liars. Because the feedback at that time was really bad, and the color brightness was worse, Liang Yongsheng at that time was eager to explain. Some of the industry's top executives were invited to check the factory in person, but the industry still said they were not optimistic. Liang Yongsheng fell into the whirlpool of continuous interpretation, but the traditional activity really needs to be treated by steaming. The non steaming activity is like a mountain pressing on the shoulder of Qingdao in the new era. Liang Yongsheng also said frankly that it would have been much better if he had changed his name at that time, because this process really avoids the process of steaming and washing, and many enterprises have expressed great interest in this process. But Liang Yongsheng still insists on using the name of the active non steaming and non washing process, because this process does use the active ink, using the active ink, non steaming and non washing, that is, the active non steaming and non washing process, and there is no other name.

          Liang Yongsheng experienced such a storm, and now there is little explanation. In the interview, Liang Yongsheng said that it's better to come up with the actual products instead of explaining. At present, Liang Yongsheng decided to use products to talk. He decided to build benchmark factories in cities like Guangzhou, Jiangsu and Shandong to respond to the dispute with mass production and market feedback. For example, a factory in Shandong that is currently in production has greatly improved the color fastness and red brightness of its products. Liang Yongsheng hopes to improve the color fastness and brightness by the end of the year.
Everything is going on in an orderly way. Although there are many controversies, Liang Yongsheng is not eager to refute them. No matter whether it is non steaming and non activity or activity must be over steaming, Liang Yongsheng just wants to be simple. He will continue to research and test the active non steaming and non washing technology for the active ink. Liang Yongsheng said that whether it's successful or not, it's all about products.