The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia caught be taken by surprise in 2020, and the whole country was in a dilemma. At present, in order to control the spread of the virus, the state has taken emergency prevention and control measures. Wuhan has been closed down, and the whole country has been isolated. All of us have gathered together to fight the epidemic. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has caused varying degrees of impact on all walks of life. Many textile enterprises are facing the problem of returning to work.
   At present, the return to work is imminent, and the bosses have entered into a meditation: worry about the safety of the return to work, worry about the cash flow can not support, worry about the future business problems, etc. the pain points of the textile industry reflected by the epidemic have also triggered the thinking of countless textile people. When the epidemic is over, the bosses will face one of the biggest problems ever -- the old business model has become outdated, and the vitality of the enterprise is declining. How to do a good job of enterprise transformation in the future? In the final analysis, the epidemic forced enterprises to carry out a comprehensive transformation and upgrading.
     Recently, through online communication with customers, many enterprises have said that the epidemic is almost a test of extreme stress for every enterprise, and also a wake-up call for enterprises. However, it's a blessing in disguise. Challenges and opportunities often coexist. Enterprises should not be overly pessimistic.
    An analysis of a boss who has been deeply involved in textile industry for many years: I think that after the epidemic, the market will be depressed for a while, but it may rebound next. I also experienced this during the SARS period in 2003. At that time, the first half of the year was very poor, and in the second half of the year, there was a wave of market. After all, after the epidemic, some people's clothing and home textile products in the epidemic area will be replaced, which will bring a wave of big demand. " In addition, the factory owner said that although affected by the epidemic, the market supply and delivery were blocked, and the supply rhythm of the market was even suspended, but this was not the same as the quality dispute that caused the enterprise credit problem, short-term order acceptance or uncertainty, but after the epidemic, the market would pursue "product first". When it comes to the topic of sharp decrease in people flow, many business owners have said that March is the traditional peak season of textile industry, and the whole textile market seems to have signs of starting. Under the epidemic situation, many factory personnel are not in place, sometimes they can only exclaim that "the plan cannot catch up with the changes", but the enterprises all say that it is possible to restore production capacity at the beginning of March, especially the technical workers, and the enterprises who are not on duty The industry has a great influence. Through this time, traditional enterprises accelerate the transformation mode, and also accelerate the old saying that "machines replace labor".
     In any case, the current textile owners are still facing two wars: overcoming the new coronary pneumonia and returning to work. After all, many enterprises are waiting for China's raw materials to be reproduced, and many enterprises are rushing to deliver orders to reduce the possibility of losing foreign trade orders. Generally speaking, it is hopeful to return to work. I believe that when spring is warm and flowers are blooming, it is the day when the textile market bid farewell to winter!
    Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, the competition of textile enterprises will be more fierce, and the industry will speed up the reshuffle, and the textile industry will also enter the "stronger" position. After the epidemic, the textile industry will recover quickly. How to seize the market opportunity when the industry recovers? Learn more about efficient products? This is what all textile people need to know.
     From May 16 to 18, 2020, Guangzhou Pazhou poly world trade exhibition hall 1 / 2, a professional event of textile printing industry, Guangzhou international textile printing industry technology exhibition will be held as scheduled, providing you with the latest information, the most comprehensive and the most convenient industry channels, and answering your questions.
    From May 16 to 18, 2020, Guangzhou (15th) International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Exhibition will meet you in Guangzhou Pazhou poly World Trade Expo. The exhibition will attract more than 400 printing equipment manufacturers, printing material manufacturers and other enterprises to participate in the exhibition. It is expected that more than 30000 professional visitors will visit and purchase the exhibition. It is expected that the exhibition will be of a large scale and can not be missed.
Overview of Guangzhou International Printing Exhibition:

Time: May 16-18, 2020
Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou poly World Trade Expo
Exhibition area: 11300 ㎡
Expected exhibitors: 400 +
Expected audience: 30000 +
Guangzhou International Textile and garment customization Summit Forum
Technical speech and Industry Forum: experts share printing cutting-edge technology and explore industry development trend
T-stage show, competing for splendor, leading the most cutting-edge printing fashion: enjoying the visual feast of printing, mastering the current fashion pattern of the industry
• more surprises at the exhibition - "big prize waiting for you"
Strong exhibitor lineup:
BIHONG, Kornit, Konica Minolta, COLTEX, Mimaki, brother, Epson, hope high tech, JHF, Hongyin, Xucheng, runtianzhi, Zhiyang international, xinjingtai, Tianwei, Jingwang group, Xinghe Lianhui, Shunxin, Puqi, Hongyin, Tianyuan, Zhenfeng digital, chenghelong, Chenggong, Bairui, Tianli, Ouyue, Gaoxin, guangyintong, x-roland, Jiangchuan, AIFA, Boyan, dopson, Meilin, aomeiya, yinkeli, Guangdong Aoke, Qiya, Shilin, Changlian More than 400 exhibitors, including technology, color rhyme, ziye, Xinyi, dafuxiang and Nuowei, have signed up!
Exhibition advantages:
With the change of market pattern in recent years, the regional competitiveness and industry influence of South China have increased significantly, and the market potential has become prominent. At the same time, in view of the more export-oriented economic structure of South China, more and more enterprises choose to invest in the market of South China. The market demand in South China has exploded, and there are four business opportunities. Guangzhou printing exhibition has been deeply involved in the textile printing market in South China for 14 years. After continuous precipitation and accumulation, it has become a senior exhibition in the textile industry with "wide range of diffusion, high popularity and deep effect", meeting the differentiated needs of the industry to understand information, resource collection, material procurement, seek cooperation and understand trends.
No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come, and when the epidemic is over, spring will come. Let's make an appointment with Guangzhou International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Exhibition on May 16-18 to welcome the spring of textile printing industry together.
I hope your coming can provide us some valuable references and suggestions. Our growth and development can not be separated from the knowledge and care of every customer! Thank you for your support!