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With the wide application of modern digital technology in screen printing industry, digital printing technology continues to develop and improve. Digital printing represents the technical development direction of textile printing industry in the future. The production process of digital printing is free from the traditional printing process of color separation, plate production and plate making, which greatly shortens the production cycle. The whole process only needs a few hours, and the traditional proofing cycle is generally about one week. Digital printing is feasible on the spot, and the production batch is not limited. It really realizes the production process of small batch, multiple varieties and rapid response. The printing fabric produced is of good quality and beautiful appearance, with high printing precision, bright color, fine pattern, rich color, strong color fastness and no fading.
For a long time, due to the limitations of traditional technology, the production of printing products must reach a certain scale and quantity, the enterprise will be effective. With the development of economy, the demand of market tends to be diversified and individualized. The emergence of digital printing technology, so that the long-term problems of enterprises to solve. The emergence and continuous improvement of digital printing technology has brought a new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry. Its advanced production principle and means have brought an unprecedented development opportunity to the textile printing and dyeing industry.
Digital printing technology is challenging the traditional printing technology! The terminal demand oriented by customers' individualization, small batch quantification, fast delivery, high quality and changeable pattern will force to abandon the traditional production mode of large batch and slow delivery of textile printing and dyeing; the social demand oriented by energy conservation and consumption reduction, green environmental protection and sustainable development will force the industrial transformation and technological upgrading of traditional textile printing and dyeing industry. Digital printing technology is just coming into the printing industry with the characteristics suitable for these two needs.
Digital printing directly promotes the development of "green textiles" and "green manufacturing". Because the digital printing is to spray the dye solution directly on the fabric in a special box as required, it is neither wasteful nor polluted by waste water. The dye solution discharged from the washing of the printing machine in the mixing room is eliminated, and the printing process is pollution-free. Film is also omitted. Consumption of silk screen, silver cylinder and other materials. It not only reduces the burden of enterprises, but also realizes the requirements of environmental protection.
Compared with developed countries, the development of digital printing technology in China lags behind seriously. The global textile digital ink-jet printing volume has almost doubled every two years since 2001, showing a trend of accelerated development. Digital ink-jet printing in Europe has always been in the forefront of the global digital ink-jet printing industry. It is the largest demand and production place of digital ink-jet printing products. Digital ink-jet printing has penetrated into design, clothing, home textile, automobile decoration, advertising, personalized customization, online shop and other fields of textiles. Especially in recent years, it has changed from the design and proofing mode to the small batch production mode, and gradually developed to the batch production mode. At present, more than 90% of printing enterprises in Europe adopt digital ink-jet printing proofing, and the production of digital ink-jet printing products has accounted for about 30% of the total output of printing products.
With the improvement of our society, economic development and career, the consumption concept of textile market has also changed. People's consumption of "multi type, native color, short cycle, value of civilized creativity and environmental protection" textiles must grow day by day. With the increasing demand for printing, the traditional printing industry has to be fundamentally innovated, and the development space of digital printing is very large.