The thermal sublimation technology is to transfer the pigment to the printing medium by using the thermal energy. The thickness of each color is controlled by the temperature change of the printing head, and the maximum grade can be 256. Because the pigment is applied to the paper through the sublimation process, the combination of the three basic colors can form a continuous color scale, which is much better than the ink drop effect of ink-jet printing. As far as the printing effect is concerned, the color thermal sublimation printer can be said to be the best partner of the digital camera. Therefore, this printer is often called the color digital photo printer, which is particularly suitable for the requirements of fine and delicate skin texture of the human image when printing, and also has the characteristics of long-term preservation and not easy fading.
Yellow, red and blue are the three primary colors we call everyday. Any other color can be formed by the combination of these three primary colors. The thermal sublimation printer is to achieve a variety of colors and shades through the combination of the three colors. However, in the process of thermal sublimation printing, the three colors are not printed at the same time, but one color is used each time, and the required color requirements are combined by three times of printing. It is also for this reason that the printing medium needs to go through the printer three times in the printing process, which also makes the printing process of the thermal sublimation printer slow, but the high quality of photo printing is enough to make up for this defect. Some thermal sublimation printers have a film attaching process after three times of coloring. That is to say, the special material on the ribbon is sublimated on three layers of color and attached to the paper to form a protective film, which can play the role of anti oxidation, anti discoloration, waterproof and anti fingerprint. This is beyond the reach of an inkjet printer.
The color band of the thermal sublimation printer is disposable. The color band is generally sold together with the printing paper. Each roll of color band has three colors of yellow, red and blue as a group. Each print of a picture, a group of color bands are rolled. So although the thermal sublimation printer can also print at low resolution, the printing cost can not be reduced, only slightly improve the printing speed, it is recommended to print at the highest resolution.
By the way, I also want to remind you that after printing, the printed image and text will leave a shadow on the used color band. If the printed content belongs to confidential information, it is recommended to save the color band and destroy it after use.