With the increasing pursuit of personalization in gift box industry, the volume of personalized printing market of gift box is also expanding. Driven by the demand, printing equipment is constantly upgraded. In this context, UV printer is not limited to materials, which can achieve the advantages of rich printing effect gradually highlighted and favored by the market.
The advantages of UV printer UV printer to the maximum extent to meet the personalized needs of people, the design sample can be arbitrarily modified on the computer, the effect of the computer, is the effect of the finished product, customer satisfaction can be directly produced. At present, various industries are using it more and more widely, replacing the previous screen printing, pad printing, water transfer printing and heat transfer printing.
1. Personalized products market
Nowadays, quite a part of the users in the popular mobile phone and digital product market are young and fashionable groups. Printing their own logo on these products is the best embodiment of personality. Some carry on items, such as make-up mirror, lighter, wallet, backpack and so on, are also good ways for these users to express their personality.
2. Personalized gift market
The domestic gift market has reached 9.8 billion, which has become a popular trend. Printing your own photos or favorite pictures, icons, and words on the gift can get rid of the stereotyped face of the gift, and more reflect the value of the gift and the ingenuity of the giver.
3. Personalized image consumer goods market
With the rapid development of digital image, people are no longer limited to printing their own photos on photo paper. Universal digital printing system can print any image on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramics, canvas, etc. The effect of products printed on different materials is different from the feeling of people. People can print their own photos on different materials, which enriches the expression form and effect of photos.
Gift box UV flat printer has a huge market potential, UV flat printer will also become a priority for customers with printing needs! With the further improvement of people's living standard, the market prospect of UV printer will be more and more broad!