When it comes to digital printing, we know that the most important characteristics can be summarized in three words. And the choice of the market also makes digital printing go to the low-end line, especially the development of fast fashion in Europe. Italy is the country with the fastest development of digital printing in the world. Here, when the pattern falls in a week, the delivery time is limited to one to three days, and each digital printing machine is running at high speed. But the word "fast" not only brings efficiency and high speed to digital printing, but also gives it a cheap color. Fast means not fine, low quality. But is digital printing doomed to be cheap? Are we no longer paying for "fast"? Is the development of digital printing limited to this? However, the personalized customization of digital printing has not been widely used in the market, which is the starting point for the development of elbow digital printing. For the moment, it seems that we can not get rid of these bottlenecks. Fortunately, the wisdom of Chinese people is to explore. During the visit to the market, we can see the new application of digital printing - high-end lining customization market. It belongs to a small amount of customization, personalized design, one start order and fast delivery, which conforms to all the advantages of digital printing. Moreover, it has made a leap in the fineness of workmanship, getting rid of the previous cheap sales of digital printing, and providing digital printing industry Insiders provide new ideas.
We seem to have been walking into a blind area. The most successful case of digital printing at present is fast fashion in Europe, fast pattern, fast delivery and poor quality. We only see successful cases, but blind use of this model is not good for our local development. Europe attaches great importance to copyright, and flower design itself is an important role in distinguishing different products. But the domestic printing design is not dominant, and the local price war makes the digital printing market more and more narrow, the price is lower and lower, and the quality is worse and worse. Moreover, the Chinese people's idea has always been to consider the cost-effective, poor quality, and the price is higher than the traditional printing, which is not comparable to the cost-effective of the traditional printing. At this time, looking back on the advantages of digital printing, we can't help wondering, are we willing to pay for the "short and smooth" digital printing? But "the world's martial arts, only fast not broken", this sentence is still applicable.
The digitalization of digital printing makes it born with high-speed and intelligent portability. The rise of e-commerce maximizes the "fast" function application of digital printing. It's better to hand over one piece, not to wait for one batch. Fast means to step ahead of others, which means the second batch of customers are coming. No one should slow down the speed of supply, and it is inevitable to pay for "fast". From another point of view, digital printing may not be of poor quality. At present, the market presents a fast and fashionable way, which leads to poor fabric quality and poor weft finishing before and after treatment. However, some digital printing machines can achieve fine pattern and high quality, but they are not well applied. The brand lining customization explores the blind spot of digital printing. The combination of personalized design and quality is in line with the positioning of brand differentiation, and the application of digital printing means that small quantities can be delivered and one piece can be ordered. Brand lining customization is no longer the wholesale market route, but the customized brand route.
We visited the market and found that many enterprises are using digital printing technology to apply to brand lining customization and shirt customization. With the rise of printing fashion in recent years, printing is more and more widely used in men's wear, such as the emergence of printed shirts in high-specification occasions. However, relying on the traditional printing mass production is not feasible. The middle and high-end brand itself is a differentiated style, which just fits the characteristics of personalized customization of digital printing, and high-speed production also meets the needs of customers, so the brand lining customization came into being. According to an interview with the boss of the company, who is not willing to give his name, the most popular fabrics in the current market of Libu are semi rayon and all rayon. General brand lining customization has its own pattern design and development, because the printed items need small taste, meet the design of different brands, and have higher requirements for pattern, and also have high requirements for fabrics. Different fabrics have special market research on applicability, and the fabric effect of different prints also needs subdivision research. In view of the quality, the market feedback, the imported machine is still much better than the domestic machine effect, the pattern is more fine. This is also a point that domestic research needs to be strengthened. Domestic machines may be more suitable and practical in the market, but once the printing effect is compared, the gap will appear, which is still our backward technology. So now the high-end brand lining customization and high-end shirt customization are still inclined to import machines. But don't be too pessimistic. One of the brands, Libo supplier, told us in an interview that they used domestic machines and purchased more than 20 Honghua machines, which also achieved the characteristics of high quality and fast delivery. It can be seen that we should be optimistic about the development of domestic digital printing.

From the market situation of large-scale use of digital printing for brand lining customization, we can see the potential of digital printing, and we can see that it is gradually accepted by the market. What's more surprising is that the market is exploring the advantages of digital printing. Its customization advantages, environmental protection advantages, fast delivery and other advantages are gradually verified by the market, which is more realistic than how many advantages we call digital printing every day. Brand lining customization also means the trend of digital printing products towards the middle and high end. Of course, this possibility requires more in-depth research from the whole digital printing industry in terms of machine, nozzle, ink, pre-processing and post-processing, so as to make the final product quality recognized by the high-end market. Believe in the future of digital printing. It's worth fighting.